Our Projects

We have experience collaborating with the pharmaceutical industry, the financial industry, as well as non for profit international organisations and governments. Read more about our work and contributions below.

Pharmaceutical Industry

We develop tools that automate the delivery of Clinical Study Report (CSR) outputs, and the exploration of clinical trial data from SDTM and ADAM datasets. We have a good understanding of the CDISC standards and the challenges faced by the industry. We are excited to contribute in solving them.

Some of our projects:

UI redesign for the BigOmics product, in addition to significant performance optimisation work (loading time reduced by 75%). We also delivered an integration with Firebase for authentication, and Stripe for payment.

Non-profit, IOs and Government

Both of our founders have worked and collaborated with International Organisations in Geneva and other Non-Profit Organisations. We also have a successful track record of delivering projects for government agencies.

A few examples of use-cases successfully delivered:

  • Profile of State and Territorial Public Health dashboard for ASTHO
  • Survey design and dessimination
  • Survey data collection and analysis
  • Survey data presentation (written reports and dashboards)
  • Custom package developement for wrapping the Qualtrics software API
  • Covid-19 tracker
  • Mass mailing automation
  • Dynamic and automated one-pagers, reports and presentations
  • Building Google Analytics and MixPanel data ingestion pipelines

Supported Astho to build the Profile of State and Territorial Public Health dashboard. Our work included a variety of custom components, custom Shiny inputs, a unique UI layout, a custom interactive map of the United States, and more.

Financial Industry

One of our founders has occupied senior positions in the finance industry where he was responsible for the data and technology mandates, establishing The Y Company strategically to support on a number of topics:

  • Data strategy and roadmap definition
  • Team building and recruiting
  • Business intelligence and communication to senior leadership
  • Ingestion and reconciliation of financial counterparty data
  • Parsing, cleaning and transformation of heteroclite data sources (pdf, json, xml, csv, etc.)
  • Process automation for financial accounting and operations
  • Risk management
  • Trading activities analysis: P&L analysis, portfolio performance, etc.

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