All things data

All things data

The Y Company specialises in bringing your data-driven ambitions to life. We help you build data strategies and products that are tailored to your needs and that will help you make the most out of your technology and data.

Great things start with Y.

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Our Services

We can help your business across the entire data value chain. From data engineering to statistical analysis, visualisation, or software development, we can help you make the most out of your data.

A Joint Venture

The Y Company is a joint venture between Opifex, a software development company, and Principles Analytics, a company focused on providing data science expertise. Together, we provide state-of-the art data products grounded in solid technological foundations and principles.

We believe that any product idea starts with the question Why?. Before attempting to understand the what, and how the product will be built, the why must be clear. For us, it’s crucial to always understand your why. That’s how The Y Company was born. Great things start with Y.


Our team is happy to tackle any challenge you face in the realm of data and analytics.

The Y Company has extended experience collaborating with the pharmaceutical industry, the financial industry, as well as non for profit international organisations and governments.

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